Following Your Procedure:

Once the procedure is complete, patients go the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) where monitoring is conducted by Registered Nurses. When ready, patients are offered light liquids and one visitor may join you.  Your physician will meet with you after the procedure.  You may be sleepy after surgery and may not remember everything clearly.  Prior to being discharged, each patient and accompanying adult is given instructions on proper follow-up care.  The Registered Nurse will write down all of your post op instructions and send them home with you.  If you have questions please review this sheet, if you cannot find the answer then you can call us (701-221-2299) during business hours or have the physician on call paged at the hospital (701-530-7000) if it is urgent and cannot wait until regular business hours.  A Registered Nurse from Bismarck Surgical Associates will attempt to call you 1-3 days after surgery to check on your progress.  If you do not receive a call you can call us @ (701-221-2299).